Day 11. Final four. huh, puts it all into perspective. Need to cram wayyy more drawings into my next sketch book (pile of stolen printer paper.)

Phew 11 days. Hope you all enjoyed it. Was fun to look through it all.

Day 10. Drew a disney character, whaaaa?

Day 9. Days of the hexagon headed man begin.

Day 8. Looks life a few gesture drawings in there.

Day 7. Dog days.

Day 6. First sketch ever of hexagon headed guy arrived.

(I wont be posting sketches I’ve already dumped. At least not intentionally.)

Day 5. Lots a arm and hand studies. Huh, must of skipped leg day.

Day 4. Wonder what this was about.

Day 3. Looks like some pre-production for something that didn’t get traction.

Day 2. Look at all those arms.

Scanned all those sketches (except for a few I chuckled at then immediately set ablaze.)

Anyway for the next few days, 10 at a time, I’ll be uploading my sketchbook. (pile of stolen printer paper I call a sketchbook)

Did an art drop. Minneapolis Minnesota. Find it and it’s yours, be sure to snap a pic and let me know!

A rough walk. Hope you’re having a good labour day.

A rough walk. Hope you’re having a good labour day.

Sketch Dump day 3.

Sketch dump.